Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Planning Self-Care in 2020

PHOTO CREDIT: @kristensplanner

What do you think about when it comes to self-care? Self-care is literally taking care of yourself, and there are more opportunities in a day than you may realise. It can change daily; some days it may be lighting a candle, treating yourself to your favourite drink at Starbucks, or perhaps getting your nails done. Other days, it may be writing out a schedule of bills that need to be paid and chores that you want to get done so that you have peace of mind when you get into bed that evening.

I've always struggled with the idea of self-care, but I read something earlier this week which really helped me not feel guilty: 
"Expanding what our definition is of self-care can lead us to find more opportunities to care for ourselves, and those acts of self-kindness can stack up into a life of more ease and enjoyment."
Viewing self-care this way also has the benefit of not being something you have to schedule in because when life gets hectic, we tend to kick our own "non-essential" needs further and further down the line. You can turn that bulging to-do list into an opportunity to practice self-care by delegating something and relieving a bit of pressure on yourself. We are all human after all!

Perfectly timed with the New Year fast approaching and accepting self-care into my life, Joy from Joy Paper Designs contacted me on my previous blog post and offered to gift me her Journey Planner and self-care bundle. It is a dated 12-month planner (January 2020-December 2020) focusing on mental health and wellness. It allows you to track your mood, energy, sleep, thoughts, self-care, and gratitude all in one planner! I've not yet had a chance to fully appreciate all that the bundle has to offer, but I am very much looking forward to using it for the New Year!

Joy graciously is offering a 10% discount off this bundle with code FRAN10!

Are you planning out your self-care routine for the New Year? What system will you be using?

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