Tuesday, December 10, 2019

How To Use Planner Cards

*guest post from @kristensplanner

I love planner cards because they are such a cute way to keep personal mottos and reminders where I can see them. My collection ranges from quotes, verses, and word definitions to simple, beautiful images that inspire me.

Every month, Gena from Gilded Press sends out an e-mail newsletter with printable freebies. It correlates with her word of the month, and November's word was "grateful". She attached printable planner cards with that theme, so I wanted to show you how I'm using them!

How I Made My Cards:

  • Step one: Open the file by clicking on the image in the e-mail.
  • Step two: Print the image onto heavy paper (I used 32lb paper) or cardstock.
  • Step three (optional): I printed the other side of the sheet with a knit pattern I had saved on my computer - you can find free printables like it on Google and Pinterest.
  • Step four: Cut the cards out and laminate if desired (I used self-seal laminating pouches I picked up at Wal-Mart - a very easy way to preserve paper items without a laminator!)

Where To Use Your Cards:

  • Binder pockets: They look cute with die cuts!
  • Wallet: I keep one that says "act yo wage" in mine, haha.
  • Bulletin board near your desk at work or at home: This is my favorite sport for seasonal-themed items, and I enjoy changing them out every couple of months.
  • Add them to thank you cards or holiday cards as small gifts. I do this and people always seem to like it!
  • Planner dashboards or pages: I use a strip of washi to add them to my planner.
  • Framed decor: Pair a card with a piece of vellum or scrapbook paper in a frame to make something new to look at on your desk.
  • Journaling card: Keep the reverse side blank and use it to write a brief journal entry or memory. I love having pieces of ephemera like that taped into my notebooks.




     Shops That Carry Cards:

    Freebie Calendar Cards (1st Quarter):

    Included in Gilded Press' December newsletter are freebie printable calendar cards for 2020. Click the link below to get the 1st quarter for free! If you'd like to get freebies monthly direct to your inbox, make sure to sign up to become a VIP!


    Let me know if you have used planner cards before, and please share your ideas if you have used them differently!

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