Tuesday, January 14, 2020

How To Memory Plan

Memory planning is a term used in the community to describe a cross between planning and scrapbooking.  It is typically more artistic and involves looking back on events rather than planning ahead, and incorporates a bit of journaling.  Personally, I like having one as a decorative planner to document memories, since I have a separate functional planner for tasks.   

If you have a planner you'd like to use but don't necessarily need, this might be a setup to consider.  You can use your craft supplies, photos, doodles, and anything else you can think of to embellish your days.  Even the smallest details, such as your outfit or a song you heard, can be interesting to look back on.  When I'm filling out a planner spread for days that have already happened, I like to think about what future me would be curious about.

What I like to include:

- small victories: made it to the gym, cooked a big dinner, tried a new food

-celebrations: holidays, birthdays, promotions

-happy moments: got happy mail, cuddled with a pet, had a date night
-other emotional moments: grumpy day, tired, sad event, a memorial for someone
-health: meal plans and workouts 

Memory planners are great for highlights since you can leave out the boring stuff!  For instance, I would have my grocery list with my meal plan in my daily planner but probably wouldn't care about seeing a grocery list again.  In a memory planner, however, I could just record the meals we actually had and whether we liked them.  Instead of planning/looking forward, it's more about reflection. 

Another tip is to ask yourself "currently..." questions: 

For example, who or what are you currently...
  • listening to? (music, podcasts)
  • watching on tv?
  • reading?
  • learning about?
  • feeling?
  • losing sleep over?
  • craving (to eat or drink)?
  • ordering at Starbucks?
  • spending time with?
  • missing?
  • getting over/losing interest in?
  • gaining interest in?
  • looking forward to?
  • procrastinating?

It's always cool to look back on the different versions of yourself, and having the dated calendar keeps you writing in a way that blank pages don't.  If you decide to give it a try, enjoy the process and tell your story!

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